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Sport isn't just a hobby; it is a career, an education and a way of life. It has been in our lives from the dawn of civilization from jousting in the medieval times to tennis in the Victorian times. You cannot go a single day without hearing or seeing or even doing something sports related. If you open the newspaper you will see an article about the latest football match, if you walk to the shops you will see a kid walking by with his rugby ball on the way to the park. If you turn on the radio or TV you will likely catch the news, a commentary or an advert about some kind of sport. Even if you drop an item of clothing on the floor you will probably kick it to the door without even realizing!

Sport is so current and it doesn't seem like it will ever grow old. It is a way for children to learn discipline and focus and to stay healthy and out of trouble. It is a career for those who are particularly talented or can offer their skills of management, coaching and physiotherapy. It is a way of life for those regular hardcore seasoned ticket holders who will go to every game without fail just to support their team. 


Sport Scotland is a fully comprehensive sport service. We live and breathe in sport and therefore offer a range of services for all of the fellow sport lovers out there. Here are some of the services that we offer:



We provide sports merchandise for just about any club that you could possibly support. Whether it is football, rugby and cricket or dance, swimming and running. We have a whole range of merchandise for you to collect and use to make you really feel proud of your team and sport. Here is a list of some of the merchandise that we provide:

   Clothing - we have a range of T-shirt, hats, pajamas, scarves, hoodies and so much more.

   Home - we have bedding, cushions, rugs, curtains, tea towels and even kitchen sets including mugs, plates and glasses.

   Transport - We provide bumper stickers, car seats, seat bet covers and more for your car as well as bike stickers and seat pads too!

   Gadgets - we have a load of gadgets from iPad covers and phone covers to speakers and chargers

   Decoration - we sell wall plaques, crystal stands, posters and more.

   Personalized - all of the gifts can be personalized too to make them even more special!


Training Schools

We can put you in touch with the top training schools in your area for your favorite sports. We can provide prices, schedules and overviews of each school to help you make your decision!


Practice Equipment

We sell practice equipment for every kind of sport around. Whether you need balls, racquets or nets we have the best quality products for the best prices around. We also offer free delivery and free returns to make your purchase all the easier!


Hear from others

I run a small Manchester United fan club and we always use Sports Scotand to get all of the new merchandise for our top club! They are speedy and really informative plus offer great prices!
By By Tim Laton

Sports Scotland always have the best merchandise and with 3 sons and a rugby crazy husband they are pretty much the only place I go to when it comes to birthdays and Christmas! They are really fast and efficient too!
By Linda Davis

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